Polyester, polyamide, elastane, Lycra ... all these materials are synthetic. The rule of thumb is to never exceed 30 ° C during washing to avoid damaging the fibers.Again, do not use softeners, they tend to clog the micropores and thereby alter their absorbing and breathing power.
  Wash clothing with all closed zippers, in an individual bag.
  For all products containing down or synthetic insulation: dry clean only.
  Our advice: at the end of your session, wash your outfit immediately. If not possible, dry it to prevent the bacteria causing the bad odors from proliferating and setting the odors of perspiration.
  Avoid any contact with velcro. This could damage the fibers, especially on knitted fabrics.
  All Roadstar clothing can be repaired free of charge by our team. You undertake the both shipping cost include deliveried and return . In order to ensure that repair is possible, before sending the garment, please send us a picture or a clear explanation of the repairs to be carried out at
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