Note: These charters are for reference only to guide you in size selection. Each individual has a unique physiognomy and varied preferences. We do not guarantee that the sizes mentioned are perfectly adjusted to your body. Avoid tightening the measuring tape against your body for best results.


When taking your body measurements, it is best to use a fabric tape measure, not a metal one from the hardware store. Wear the undergarments you would normally train in for the most accurate results. Hold the tape measure at each body point to that it’s comfortably snug. If the tape is cutting into your ?esh, it’s too tight – if you have room in between the tape and your body, it’s too loose. Measure yourself on your bare skin, not over clothes. And this may sound silly, but don’t trust your memory — be sure to write the measurements down!


Fit is always issue when it comes to organising team wear for a group of people. It is a common mistake, when ordering customised garments, that particular frames aren’t considered which may have an ect on size. Dierent body shapes may require you to move to a dierent size that what you usually buy. It’s important that you use the above body measurements to guide you and to remember if in doubt go up a size. As part of our service we keep the sizing as standardised as possible but there are many clothing companies with dierent sizing policies so it’s important to keep an open mind especially when looking at Body Fit and Fitted garments. 

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